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Final Review, SPRING 2022

The Infraordinary: Subway

The subway has an explosive charm; it is shrouded in a beautiful mystery that often forces us to reconcile with how, amidst its routine and schedule, it risks danger at every turn, every interaction.


It forms New York’s circulatory system, simultaneously triumphing a prideful zest and abusing itself in unpredictable self-destruction. 

Subway Man Goes Crazy, 2021


15 x 24 in.

Subway Warp, 2021


15 x 24 in.

Betts' Geometrical Psychology, 2021


8.5 x 11in.

Tiles to Tunnels, 2021


Variable dimensions

Each tile is a 2-3 layer lithograph, symmetrized details drawn from archived photographs of the subway under construction. Emulating the dark tunnels, they vibrate, and reflect, the seductive enigma hidden within.

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