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Jocelyn Tsui was born and raised in Hong Kong, where overwhelming density became deeply embedded in her maximalist configurations. Largely inspired by architecture, linguistic theory, mathematics, and quantum physics, her work becomes an aggregation of repeated patterns exhibited akin to a self-generating, cartographic research project. Overall a multimedia artist - working with collage, sculpture, video, and installation - Tsui still prides herself as a printmaker first. The precision, repetition and sequencing of printmaking serves as the foundation of her work, but in the end, she aims to free herself from it. Tsui states, “amidst the visual structure of the grid (i.e. the fabric of space-time) we must also recognize the world’s natural affinity for disorder (entropy), and thereby expand our understanding of universal elegance and perfection to encompass humanness.” It is within this push-pull relationship that her work evolves into complex abstractions that, upon close examination, reveal subtle yet firm possibilities of disruption and uncertainty from within and out of the grid.


Group exhibitions include upcoming LiveCodeNYC at Governors Island, NY (2024), The Will Barnet National Arts Club Student Show at The National Arts Club, NY (2024), and Transcending Form at 25 East 13th Gallery, Parsons School of Design, NY (2024).

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