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Perfect Circle

"No one has ever seen a perfect circle, nor a perfectly straight line, yet everyone knows what a circle and a straight line are."

This two-week project was written, created, and designed in inspiration of Maggie Nelson's Bluets. In turn, it an investigation for my love of circles, with the inverse subtext on imperfection.

I saw the circle as a portal to another world. A means of escapism away from our own world and its imperfections. This could be into space or the cosmos: beyond the circumference of a circle. Or into way into its centre, into the world of consciousness or the mind. Whether or not it’s a physical search or a search into imagination, the circle has been used to understand the unknown and make the invisible visible – the perfect representation for perfection.

I focused on the ‘archive of images’ and included artworks from Hilma af Klimt, Wassily Kandinsky and illustrations from the Public Domain Review and also the Picture Collection. I edited, layered, and re-arranged them to support my writing.

circle brainstorm.jpg
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