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My Mind Palace Mess


Photographs, soft pastel, image transfer (2021)

My Mind Palace Mess investigates the organization and structure of memories through a series of photographs and collages. Arranged in an web-like format, the work serves as an architecture of the mind, as a network of juxtaposed memories. To what extent are all our memories connected to one another?


The collages are a product of digitally manipulated photographs and physical image transferring, an emphasis on memory simultaneity. The experimentation of material and texture culminates at points of nostalgic obscurity, when the original visual scene is no longer comprehensible. To remember is to ask “what is familiar, what is confusing, and what is new?”


The manipulation of transparency further examines the complex interplay between appearance and disappearance. It may be a matter of perspective -  either physical like movement, or external like light - that can shift or reveal an entirely new version of reality.


The Final Installation

The wider installation attempts to elevate the images towards a greater dimensionality. From single memories (episodic memories) to epochs or periods (autobiographical memory), the viewer is invited for intimate inspections and accumulative overviews. To view and limbo underneath each ‘curtain’ or ‘line’ is to become an active participant in the mind palace, to provide attention to the memories that would otherwise fade away. Our futile attempts at consistent memory organization often lead to unintentional entanglements, but I believe within their twisted gaps exist deeper hints of our identity. 

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