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(In)Vertical Landscape

2:30 min. Film. (2021)

Project Prompt

I stumble across my old playground. Transfixed by a moving chain, I move towards it to hear an odd depth to its hole. All of a sudden, I find myself transported to another world - a world that is physically similar to the one I've known my whole life, but is completely changed. It's beautiful, bright, abrupt, and shifty. Since then I've been trying to latch onto the liminal spaces for long enough before I'm tossed into another time-place for a new experience. My Time project encouraged us to embrace the prompt 'Remembering my Future' with experimental narratives. By taking video clips from phone images, of landscapes from home, I aimed to edit them in a way that would defamiliarize them.

Project Inspiration

This video piece became an extension of a drawing project in which I imagined a world of the future. Through both hand-drawn and digital techniques, I abstracted the Hong Kong skyline as marks and portals. I wanted to freely explore the concept of space-time and its possible collapse. How could a chronological experience or narrative be fragmented?


I gravitated towards intersections of light and water, captivated by their movements in waves and fluctuations; they're like mirages to the "other-side", so close yet so impossible. I just want to slip into that thin line and explore the other, magical fabric that forms our world.

(In)Vertical Landscape
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