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Collaged paper, glue, soft pastel. (2020)

I'm Listening Now.jpg
The First Shift.

One of my biggest shifts in relationships is the one with my sister. Growing up (especially our teenage years) we had a very turbulent dynamic. Proper communication was essentially absent, half our words missed the point, or didn’t even get a chance to get close enough. Both of us were stubbornly defensive, and anything she said to me I viewed as pretentious, obnoxious, and narcissistic. It was difficult to look at old photographers of us being close, because that naive, optimistic closeness had shifted to something so hostile. 

The Second Shift.

For my 15th birthday, my sister (then 17/18) filled a little notebook with notes and advice that ‘imparted wisdom’ on me. This annoys me to write or think about even now. It was written almost like a step by step or categorical guide to life, and I absolutely despised it. I didn’t even open it until a year after. However, our relationship gradually began to improve over time, and now we’re able to understand and sympathise with each other, re-evaluating our past despite how difficult of a topic it is. Now that I'm older, I re-read her notes and laugh.

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