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Farewell, 2020

Pushing myself to reevaluate the familiar, I took family archives and my knowledge of Hong Kong to redefine 'home' before I left for university in another big city. In a way, these works were my farewell. 

Weaving Combined (Final).jpg


Hong Kong Woven

This piece was an attempt to draw attention to the quotidian parts of city life that are taken too easily for granted. Through weaving, the conventional cityscape becomes pixelated and deconstructed, only to be reconfigured to an image that is simultaneous familiar and unfamiliar.


I'm Listening Now

By using processes of image-transfer, found images and text (notes from my sister), I created this piece to reflect on our turbulent relationship, and the ideas of family.

I'm Listening Now.jpg
Lai See Front.jpg


Lai See Packet

In hand-carving out details and patterns from old lai-see (Chinese red envelopes), I recreated my own version for my Family name.

Perfect Circle


An accumulation of biographical and non-fiction writing, this book project navigates a self-destructive love for the 'perfect circle.' Inspired by Maggie Nelson's Bluets, this project necessitated writing a lyrical essay informed by personal anecdotes and research from science to art.



Memory Palace

My Mind Palace Mess investigates the organization and structure of memories through a series of photographs and collages. Arranged in an web-like format, the work serves as an architecture of the mind, as a network of juxtaposed memories. To what extent are all our memories connected to one another?

(In)Vertical Scape


An experimental video piece (2:30min) that explores the concept of space-time collapse. Permanent places surrender to 'portals,' transporting the viewer into liminal spaces where only flashes of memories, textures, and color seem to resonate. 

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